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About WannaSingHistory's history begins with its founders and owners, Marie and Joe Carreiro.
About Marie... Marie grew up in an entertainment family. Her uncle performed on the Las Vegas stage for over 30 years, before retiring. Marie is an accomplished musician and vocalist, entertaining professionally since the mid 1980's. Marie has performed in a symphony orchestra and several L.A. Bands. Marie has won vocal competitions around the globe, and has been hosting karaoke for more than a decade.
About Joe... As a young entrepreneur, Joe built several successful businesses which afforded him the opportunity to travel the world extensively. Joe produced and hosted a national television show, and later moved to radio, where he hosted a weekly show. Joe is also a pilot, martial artist, culinary institute graduate, search & rescue scuba diver, and avid karaoke singer. His motto: Never cut corners & you'll always succeed.
Together, Joe and Marie have performed as DJ's for several major market radio stations over the past few years. As the owners of, they work continuously with their staff to bring karaoke to a new level.

Our Investment in Technology
Hardware... At the heart of any karaoke show is the equipment. We invest in top quality, professional audio equipment. We use Peavey mixers, amps and speakers, microphones from Audio 2000's and Shure, and players from JVC and Pioneer. We spend the extra dollar to make you sound like a pro!
Software... It's what you sing. A truly memorable karaoke experience means singing the very best versions of your favorite songs. We buy new karaoke discs daily. If we don't have it, we'll get it! We test every track in our hand selected music collections to ensure that you're singing the best versions available. Our discs come from top manufacturers like Top Tunes, Pioneer, DKKaraoke, Country/Pop Hits Monthly, Charbuster, Radio Starz & others. You'll find discs from over 50 labels at any of our shows. We have exclusive, imported video discs with original footage of actual bands playing their music. The only difference is you're the lead singer!
The Bottom Line... Our investment in technology ensures that you'll sound your very best!



Professional Training


Our People... We hire professional caliber, high energy, fun loving people to host our shows. Experience is a plus, but in no way can replace personality, genuine enthusiasm and charisma.


Our Training Program... We provide complete, intensive, one-on-one, real world karaoke host training. Our proven training process combines hands on field training in actual karaoke clubs with controlled bar room simulation in our state of the art, on-site karaoke facility. Our hosts spend several weeks in our mentorship program with a seasoned, professional host before graduating and taking full responsibility for their own shows.


The Result... Our hosts are professionally trained to provide the ultimate karaoke entertainment experience. From sound level, pitch and effect adjustments, to managing a busy karaoke singer rotation, our hosts have what it takes to succeed. We put a lot into our host training program, and we're proud of the results.




Our Commitment To Excellence


Quality... We are committed to providing the highest quality karaoke entertainment experience. Our karaoke software is kept in perfect condition. Scratched discs are professionally resurfaced, as soon as they are detected, to ensure that your performance isn't interrupted by skips.

Innovation... It is our constant goal to introduce new ways for you to enjoy karaoke. We investigate emerging technologies and product advances to make your karaoke experience simple and fun. Get into character for your performance with a wide assortment of costume accessories and props. It's your night out, and we aim to make it one to remember.

Service... We listen. We promise to stay on top of the music scene and acquire the latest karaoke releases. Our commitment to service means that if we don't have the selection you desire, and it has been released by a karaoke manufacturer, we'll do everything we can to have it by the next





Our Vision ... Taking Karaoke To A New Level


Accessibility... To provide access to world class karaoke entertainment to anyone anywhere, through expansion and development of our hosting network. To give everyone an opportunity to enjoy karaoke by locating one of our shows within a reasonable distance.

Talent Promotion... To provide an entertainment experience so incredible, that talent scouts from all around come to our shows looking for the next great recording sensation.

Karaokevolution... To take karaoke to the next level through innovation and creativity. To enhance karaoke through the integration of best in class service and new technologies, developing a totally new entertainment experience.